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Small business is the driving force that keeps our economy moving. Clark will fight to keep "Big Government" out of our small businesses.

Small business is a major driving force in our state’s economy. As a small business owner Clark understands the challenges of owning a small business and the responsibility that comes with having employees and making a payroll. That experience has taught him the value of balanced budgets and organizational efficiency. Although Clark is proud of how business friendly Tennessee is he also sees room for improvement and will work hard to make sure that Tennessee becomes the most business friendly state in the US.


Small Town Values and Principles

As a resident of Wilson County, Clark embraces the small town values that make this part of middle Tennessee such an incredible place to live.  Our district is known for its hospitality, kindness, and generosity.  Those values and many more is what Clark will fight to preserve as our district grows in the future.  Small town values are not defined by a place but is embodied in by the people who make this district truly great.